Monday, 13 January 2014

Timely Garden Tips: Week Two continued.

Timely Garden Tips: Week Two
  1. I find that a lot of my crops are attacked by birds at this time of the year.There is not a lot out there for them. However, it is my view that there is not a lot out there for me either. I net my crops so that they are for me and not the birds. It is quite easy to do and if you get a good net and look after it , you will find that it will last for years. Believe me one or two pigeons can strip a far few cabbage in a night and you can be sure that they will be back tomorrow for the rest.
  2. The young basal growths proceeding from old roots of chrysanthemums may now be used as cutting with a view to working up a good stock of plants for flowering next autumn. Make sure you insert the cuttings around the edges of small pots, filled with sandy soil, and it will be found that they will root readily in your frame or greenhouse.
  3. I do love Lilies of the Valley and this is just the right time of the year to start making new beds. You must choose a partially shaded spot and prepare the soil by digging and adding some good manure. I arrange the crowns in rows 15 inches apart, allowing 6 inches from root to root in the row itself. Beds of Lilies that have become overcrowded may be lifted, divided and replanted now as well.No time to work your plot; then read this
    Nothing doing on my plot because of floods

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