Thursday, 9 January 2014

Second Week of January in the garden.

What to do in the garden during the 2rd week of January.
7. If you wish to grow large onions this year, now is the time to sow your seeds.
I have found that Bunton’s Showstopper (allium cepa) is a good one to go for. Some of them will grow up to 5lbs in weight.
Fill a six-inch pot with good soil and sow the seeds thinly.,coving them with a very light coating of the finest compost. It is essential to have gently heat.
8. It is a good time to prune fruit trees during this month provided that there is not too much frost.
9. Hollyhock,that fine Old English flower may be raised from seed  sow made in the glasshouse now.

My own plot is now under 20 inches of water flooded from the Thames; so not a lot going on there then!No time to garden; then read this!.You will be surprised
not a lot else for me to do this time of the year with these floods and all!

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