Monday, 6 January 2014

More to do in the garden during the 1st week of January:

More to do in the garden during the frist week of January:
4.When you are putting manure on your land make sure that you do not dig it in on any land that you are going to use for parsnips, carrots,beets or salsify as doing so would cause those crops to be badly forked
5.If you wish to have a fine desplay of flowers this coming year then now is the time to check out the flower seed orders and plan your garden for a bit of colour.
6.If you have clod frames it is a good idea to make a start of sweet peas.Sow the seeds in shallow pots that are filled with farily good soil and allow germination to take place in the frame. It would be wise to put down mouse traps to protect your seeds from them as they are on the look out for any form of food this time of year.

My own plot is under  a foot of water. Old father Thames has burst its banks after nearly two weeks of rain. So not a lot going on there.

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