Thursday, 23 January 2014

Timely Garden Tips: Week Four;

  • If you have a cold frame now is a good time to sow such crops as : Lettuces, carrots and onions. You could make a simple hot bed by putting horse manure under your soil. This will increase the heat in the soil and push forward growth.
  • The birds, this time of the year are on the look out for anything that they can find. If you have red and white currants they may well be budding up now. Some protection is a good idea.  I use a net. However you could spray the plants with a dusting of equal parts lime and old soot. Doing so will make the buds distasteful to the birds.
  • Prepare for grafting old fruit trees in march or april by now cutting back old branches to within six inches of the point where it is preposed to graft them.   

My plot is still under water.
However, I am still managing to harvest: cabbage,leeks,sprouts and chard. 

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