Sunday, 15 September 2013

Caterpillars on my cabbage!

I have just been down to my allotment to see how things are getting on. I have been in London for the last week.

It looks like I am losing the war with   caterpillars on my cabbage. It really is difficult to know what to do.

I try to practise organic chemical-free garden and have been going down to the cabbage patch to pick the little beast off , however, as I said I have been away in London for a week they have done a vast amount of damage. 

I think that I will have to give them a spray of something or other. It is too late for organic control, I fear.

One way would be to go through the lot and dig up the worst effected and try and clean up those that remain. As I have nearly a 100 plants, there should be enough left to see me through the winter.

The cabbage that seems to be affected the most are the soft summer ones. Interesting enough it seems that my Kale has not been affected at all and I still have my chard, spinach and sorrel to see me through the coming winter

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