Thursday, 16 January 2014

Timely Garden Tips: Week Three

  1. I love growing Vines and have a two year old one right now. Now is the time to prune them by cutting back all side-shoots to within two buds of their bases and reducing the leading shoot, so that it remains at about two-thirds its present length. It is also a good time to dig in some good compost to the top two inches of soil.
  2. If you have indoor Vines they may also be pruned in the same way as advised for the outdoor Vines. Indoor Vines may suffer from mealy bug. This can be treated by rubbing off any loose bark. I always was off my glasshouse at this time of the year with a strong soap solution. I use Aloe MPD for this as it is a natural product and does not harm any plants that are in the glasshouse at the time.
  3. Checking out the vegetable order for the coming year is also a task that can be done now; it is an inside job that can be done in your living room, so it is a pleasant task. Try not to be tempted into buying too many new novelties varieties; remember that the aim is to grow vegetables for you to eat all year round.How to garden if you have no time

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