Monday, 20 January 2014

Timely Garden Tips: Week Three, continued.

 My plot is still flooded with Old Father Thames                                           
    • If you are one of those lucky people who has a cold frame then now is a good time to sow early sweet peas like:Grandiflora or "April in Paris". The young plants may remain in the ground until the end of March, when they may be accommodated outdoors in a sheltered position. The best way to sow the six seeds is in a five inch pot, allowing an inch apart each way between the seeds. 
  • If you have broad beans growing from an autumn sowing, they should be earthed up now. This is also a good time to sow some more for an early crop.
  • Examine your plants in the rock garden and give protection to your alpines which are distinguished by their hairy foliage.. You may also check that heavy rains have not washed away soil from the roots of some plants; where this has happen a top dressing of compost must be given. Also a good idea to make sure that any labels that you have in the garden are still reader-able, for  the weather  might well of obliterate some.
  • Sweet Pea Seeds from Amazon
  • If you have not got a cold frame; Take a look at amazon and see what they have to offer!

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