Monday, 3 March 2014

Timely Tips March: week Ten

  • My plot as of yesterday the 1st day of march. Not a lot that I can do right now. I only hope that my asparagus does not drown! Check out Amazon pea stock
  • If you want a bit of color in your garden this year now is a good time to do something about it. Hardy annuals may be sown in the open now, however do remember that quite a lot of them do best when transplanting is not practiced. Make sure that you have a fine surface by using the rake vigorously and thinly broadcast the seeds on it. Annuals that you might think about are mignonette, larkspurs, poppies, love in the mist and eschscholtzias.
  • I love asparagus and now is the time to lay out new beds, if you so wish. This crop will last a normal lifetime so it is well to make sure you get it right.The importance of trenching, or at least double-digging the site, need not be over-emphasised. A bed of about five feet  wide is the ideal, because this will contain three rows of plants 18 inches apart. Best to allow one foot crown to crown in the row itself. This, is a long term crop so do not crop in the frist year and in the second do not crop too much. After that it is just a matter of feeding, weeding and eating.
  • If your weather is right and you soil not too wet it is now possible to make substantial sowings of peas. The bed needs to of been deeply dug and well manured. Make a drill of 10 inches wide and two inches deep. Good varieties would be: Green arrow.

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