Friday, 7 March 2014

Timely tips for your garden: week ten continued.

I am away from home at the moment, looking after a friends dog in London. Don't you hate it when you have to use a computer that you are not use to!

The first sowing of brassicas, such as summer cabbage,Brussels, kales cauliflowers and autumn broccoli, may be made now, however the sowing of savoys should not be done yet. Best to wait till the end of April. Draw shallow drills one foot  under on soil that has been worked to a fine tilth. Make sure to sow thinly, and when the seedlings are visible protect from birds.

There is still time to make a planting of eschallots, however the work should be done this week. On soils where it is difficult to grow onions from seeds, it is a good idea to use onion sets instead. Plant them 15 inches between the rows and 8 inches in the row.. If not already done, make a sowing of leeks.

I am never in too much of a hurry to sow or plant any thing at this time of the year. And this year we have not really had a winter and you might well be all fired up to go! Look and see what the trees are doing: are they in bud? Is the grass growing yet? On my plot there is still 6 inches of water, so I will not be doing anything yet.

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