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I love Spinach, not because it is healthy and very good for you but because I find it delicious in a sandwich. However, Spinach is normally eaten cooked.

I also love to grow Spinach because not much will trouble the plant and if you get your sowings right, you can have Spinach all the year round.

There are two main types of Spinach in my view : New Zealand Spinach which is perennial and summer Spinach.

The great advantage of Spinach is that the plant is rich in iron, calcium,   and Vitamins A,B and B2.

Spinach will grow in most soils, however the plant does not like too much water. So well drained light soil is best.

As I say, the secret for growing Spinach all the year round, is sowing times. There are two main times periods for sowing the seed :

  1. the summer Spinach which is usually put in once a fortnight from the beginning of March onwards.   
  2. the winter Spinach which is best sown once a fortnight from 1st of August till the middle of September. 

As to the cultivation, the main thing with the summer Spinach, is to keep the plant growing and prevent it from going to seed. This is done by:

  1. giving thorough soaking with water if the weather is dry.
  2. hoeing regularly between the rows.

I do find that winter Spinach needs protection and I do this by using a very fine mesh. I also sow a few plants in my poly tunnel once the Tomatoes are out.This will will to keep the cold wind of it and to stop pigeons eating it when there is nothing else for them to have a go at.

I harvest my plants with a pair of scissors and cut when I need it all year round.

As too varieties to sow best to look in your own seed catalog or ask you neighbors what works best for them.

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