Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Wednesday log 

Give a cheer for snowdrops...The weather is still cold however the delicate white flowers that I see in my winter garden gives a much needed lift to my spirits.

Just when I am beginning to get fed up with the dull days of winter, snowdrops start to carpet the ground . Once their little nodding heads appear, I know that Spring really cannot be far away.

What I am doing on my Allotment:

Tidying: Up my beds by cutting back old growth and putting on my compost. We had a bit of a storm this week and it is surprising what get blown about. Had to tidy that all up.

Cutting the grass: I gave it a trip, mainly to get rid of the leaves.

Trimming: Back my raspberries and bits of growth of my apples and other fruit. I just cut off the new growth that gets in the way.

My Shed: Has got a leak and so I had to fix that. It was through the wall not the roof. The wood had warped.

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