Monday, 22 December 2014

On my plot:

This is a time of the year when you more then likely do not go out into the garden much, unless to harvest some crop for your tea.

Never-the-less you should be out there on the look out for what is going on and to make sure that everything is in its place.

If you have not done so already:
  • dig
  • spread manure or compost
  • wash your pots and glasshouse.
  • repair your tools
  • tidy out the shed and chuck stuff out that you do not need.
  • This is a good time of the year to cover the ground that you are not going to use. It is far better being under plastic then just sat there growing weeds  

Some times, so many things change in the garden that you do not know where your are. It is a good time of the year to sit done and sort things out in your mind.

Get a book and make a few plans for your garden; ask your self a few questions:
  • What did you grow last year that really worked and you used?
  • Did your grow too much of one crop?
  • Did you grow a crop that you did not use?
  • Did any crop not grow at all for one reason or another?
  • What weed was the most trouble to you?
  • Was there one pest that over took everything that you tried to do?
  • Will you have enough time in the coming year to manage your plot?
  • Do you use your glass house to the best advantage? 
 I am sure that there are many more questions that you could ask yourself to make better use of your time and garden.

Most of what I know about growing come form three sources:

Watching my neighbor

Reading books

Looking at how plants grow. 

This time of the year go round your neighborhood and see what they have in their gardens.

Find out what crops are doing well in your area

Get a good gardening book and read it.

From my plot now in the middle of December I am harvesting:
  • Leeks
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cabbage 
  • turnips
  • beet root
  • lambs lettuce
  • chard
  • potatoes
  • parsley
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • apples from my store
  • soft fruit from my deep freeze

I also have pickled

beans/cucumbers/croquettes. and of course loads of jam from my soft fruit. 
Here is a great book to read and use to find out what to do with all those Courgettes.
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