Monday, 8 December 2014


This is a plant that grows on other plants. Mainly on trees, the most popular tree being Apple.
It is a plant that is very much in decline, however the plant is once again in the public eye because a substance found inside the berry has been found to cure some types of cancer.
This what you need to do if you wish to grow your own:
  • Keep the berries moist till early spring
  • Scrape away the juicy covering
  • make a shallow cut in a tree
  • press the seed in and replace the bark.
  • sow as many as you can on the same tree to ensure male and female growth for pollination.
Apple trees make the best host but you can also use Lime, Ash, or Poplar.
If you buy some from the shops, make sure that it has loads of berries because every time you kiss under the Mistletoe you are suppose to remove a berry!
Happy Kissing! 

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