Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sit in the sun

Sit in the Sun:

The other day I picked my first broccoli and went home and had it for tea. It was absolutely wonderful. I thought to myself’ how did I grow this, it taste so good’

However I came to the  understanding  that we do not grow anything.
Growing does not have to be difficult ( unless, you want it to be ).

Put the plant in, feed/water/keep weed and pest free and then
So many books have been written about it, but why; it is very simple.
Growing something, teaches us the wisdom of ripening in our lives, if you will let it.  

How does an apple ripen: it just sits in the sun and that is just what we should do. We strive, but to what end!

In the northern hemisphere the days are growing shorter—we have fewer and fewer hours of daylight. We may have to seek out the sun’s rays more intentionally. In moderation, sunlight strengthens the immune system, enhances emotional health, and synchronizes biorhythms.  Make like a plant: Find some time where you can simply bask in sunshine, exposing your skin and soul to the light freely given, only waiting to be received.

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