Saturday, 22 November 2014

November is a time

November is a time in the year when nature seems to change gear: from doing to being, however this does not mean that you stop ‘doing’ things in the garden.

  • Sweep up leaves and put them on the compost
  • Mulch the soil to protect it from the weather
  • Protect you crops that are likely to come to harm from the winter. Use cloches to do this.
  • Clean out your shed and clean and repair your tools.
  • Dig over your empty beds. 
                                                      a home made cloche that is easy to move to where you need it.
                                                           make sure that it is tired down against the winter gales.

When I was in the States last winter, I was amazed how cold it got. I then stated to think about all those vines that you might thing are freezing to death. But that is not so, it is the grapes that need the sunshine; not the vine.

So why not make a wire fence to support some vines? Do it now and leave them for a couple of weeks before you put the vines against them; doing this means that you can tighten up your wires without the plants getting in the way.  

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