Saturday, 4 October 2014

What to do in the garden this week

And here we are in October:

I have had a good year with all my fruit this year, as others have. If you do not have any fruit, or want to expand your orchard now is a good week to look through catalogues and get your orders in with a view to dispatching the order as soon as possible.

All lovers of sweet peas are agreed that the earliest and finest flowers are produced from autumn sowing. Now is the time to commit the seeds to the soil. Sow the seeds in the soil or in pots or boxes. Good frames are a great place to put your sowing in for added protection.

Summer fruiting raspberries should be pruned this time of year. Cut out the old fruiting wood right from the base and preserve strong young basal growths at full length to replace the wood dispensed with. 

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