Saturday, 11 October 2014

This week in your garden.

This is the week to select some sturdy shoots and insert them in sandy soil. I am talking of Roses, of course They will root readily in the open garden, however if you have a cold frame, use it because they will do better in there.

Prepare you site for planting fruit trees.  If Plums or other stone fruits are to be planted, the introduction of a little lime to the soil is essential, but do not forget no  manure! You should only use the manure for your raspberries and currants.

Dig up your potatoes if it is not too wet. Friday is always my ‘seed day’. That is the day when I sow seeds. In the spring and summer months; I do this every two weeks however come October I do it every three weeks because things will take longer to get going.I am sowing: lambs lettuce, carrots, turnips and spinach this week.  

Being a good grower is about being on top of this all the time. Not letting weeds or bugs take over and harvesting when the crop is in peak form. 

It does amaze me to see people come down to their plot once a month battle with what ever is there and then go away. Never getting anything from their hard work. 

You need time to grow and what better way to make time then being your own boss and making your own time!  

This is more than illusion of being your own is being your own boss.

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