Monday, 9 December 2013

Cabbages and pears

I have been in Australia this past month. I went out there to see my brother and family. We had a great time.

Having driven over 3000 miles, I was amazing at the lack of vegetable gardens. I did look, because I wanted to see how the other side of the world did it.

I only saw four gardens. One was my brothers another was a hotel garden and the other two were in schools. None of them were brilliant.

They blame it on a lack of water. I beg to differ; the weather was quite mild and wet ( it is there spring ) also there appeared to be water all over the country side, in the form of lakes,dams and rivers.

Growing vegetables in Australia can be done. All the veg that I saw in the shops was grown in Australia. Here in the UK shops, our greens are from all over the world.

I put it down to a mind set. In the USA and Europe we are really into "grow your own vegetables"the Australians are not.

Having been away from my plot for over a month: I was a bit concerned as to what I would find.
Everything was fine.

My pears had all gone soft in the store and the same had happen to all of my summer stored white cabbage.

On of the things that I am going to look into this winter is; the growing of all round cabbage. I am going to study the subject and put an article up in hub pages.

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