Friday, 10 February 2012

Seed Sowing Season or Not?

Here in the UK we have another load of snow on top of frozen ground so there is not a lot that can be done until the frost leaves the ground.

As the seed sowing season is rapidly approaching, and it is necessary to select and prepare your beds for onions, parsnips, peas and broad beans; if you have not already done so that is.

The pruning from bush fruits, such as gooseberries and currants may be used as cuttings, provided well ripened healthy young growths about one foot in length are selected. In the case of black currant leave all the basal buds, but remove them from red and white currants and gooseberries.

If you can get at it now is a good time to sort out your strawberry bed. Weed them and lightly fork between the rows and give them a top dressing of compost. Now is a good time to make a new strawberry bed, if that is in your plans for this year.

Another job for this week would be to remove mosses and lichens from the bark of your fruit trees. These growths do not harm the tree; in fact, they are a sign of good air. It is just that they can look unsightly and in my view, the tree is better of with out them. You can buy a moss killer form your local store if you wish. It will not harm the tree. I use a power washer with a good brome to clean the tree up; works a treat.

0. If you have a heated frame or green house now is a good time to sow celery. You can also sow the following crops: Brussels sprouts, spring cabbage, cauliflower, onions, leeks, lettuce and salad leaves

Among half-hardy annual flowers that may be sown now, there are the charming verbenas and petunias. For all your sowing a shallow box or pan is the best, this should be filled with finely sifted compost. Sow thinly and cover the seed very lightly with more fine compost. With out heat not a lot will happen for some time. Therefore, if you do not have a cold frame or green house just wait until the weather turns. There is no hurry.

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