Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Look to your soft fruit this week:

Has spring sprung?
Here in the UK the weather has certainly take a turn for the better in so far as the temperature has gone up but we have not seen the sun for nearly ten days. Just dull clouds

There is nothing moving on my allotment right now but that does not mean that I should not be moving.

If you have not done it yet; Cordon Gooseberries need to be pruned now. This is done by cutting back the side-growths to within two or three buds of their bases, and slightly shortening the leading shoots. On the other hand, bush Gooseberries are better dealt with by cutting out wood crowding the centres of the bushes and retaining promising young growth at full length.

Red and White currants are pruned by cutting back side-shoots to within two or three buds, and then reduce leading shoots so that they remain at one-half their present length. As Black currants on the young wood, the method of pruning is different, merely consisting of cutting out old branches and keep young wood at full length.

If you want to re-arrange the perennial border, no time should be lost now. When you divide the old plants and selecting portions of roots for replanting, do not forget that young outside portions of roots will bear better flowers than the old and exhausted centres. Always replant in well dug and manure land.

If you are going to grow potatoes you should place them in single layers in shallow boxes and put in a cool light, airy but frost proof place, so that they may grow sturdy sprouts in readiness for planting. Sprouted sets start into growth much quicker than supported tuber and they will yield a better croup.

If you have cover like a Polly tunnel or glasshouse now is a good time to get the seeds of the vegetables that you are going to grow going.

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