Wednesday, 17 May 2017


I was sitting on my allotment seeing how peaceful and beautiful it is, how lovely the birds are and how perfectly it has evolved.
I fine it all very sad because I am seeing it all die. There are fewer birds...some species no longer come to the allotment to nest, there are fewer fish and I never hear a frog anymore.
The one good thing is that there are still plenty of bees. 
I have been reading about bees and they are truly amazing. If they get sick,they go of into the bush to die alone so as not to bring disease into the hive......If they are out at dusk and to far from the hive to get back before the sun goes down; they lie down on their back to keep their wings dry so that they can be off collecting pollen as soon as the sun rises. If there is a wind the bees will put little stones on their back to give them a steadier flight. Always look to the bees because if they die we all die!

Beware the fruits from the West: When you bite into a strawberry the last thing on your mind is childhood brain development, however from here on out you should think of it.
 The reason for this is that the USA is rescinded a proposed ban on chorpyrifos and a lot of others.

I have got all my crops in and at last it is raining here in Oxford, the first time since the first of March. Thank God for that! 

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