Tuesday, 15 November 2016


You may like to try worm composting – it’s quite a business however the worms will turn kitchen scraps into top-quality fertility. Do bear in mind that neither worms or any other method to composting will not entirely destroy weed seeds.

Leaf mould: Now is a great time to collect autumn leaves and the job is really worth well doing for autumn leaves can be mixed in with ordinary composting or put in bags, left for a year to use as mulch or two years for a seed compost – though even leaf mould will contain weed seeds. I get loads of leaves and heap them up for two years and then spread the compost on my beds. 

“Hot” composting: I just put all my garden trash into a bin  made out of iron sheets.At the end of the year I cover the compost with an old carpet and leave it for two years , by which time it has turned into compost. I have three bins.

Composting is an on going practice on my plot that I have been doing for years.

What I do not put on the compost heap is woody stems and food scraps.

I do grow comfrey for composting.
 My plot last year in the floods

My plot this year with compost

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