Friday, 21 October 2016


I am a bit upset, right now because I have had a glut of Cauliflowers and not been able to eat them before they went over.

Pity really, because they are not easy to grow in the first place. I am told that you can keep them for a week or so if you hang them upside down in the shed; however that did not work for me because, I think, that it has been too warm in the shed during the day time.

As my beds become empty, I give them them two big wheelborrows of compost; which I dig in. It is very import to get the compost under the ground so that the worms can do their 'thing'.

If you want to see signs of spring when it comes; now is the time to get your spring bulbs in.
  Bare soil should be hoed every week or so in the winter just to keep the weeds at bay and the soil loose

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