Monday, 10 February 2014

Timely tips week Seventh week: February.

If you have a bed of winter spinach that is looking a bit tired. You can get it all going again with a little bit of work.
  • Get rid of the decaying foliage
  • Run your hoe between the rows to get rid of the weeds and stir the soil up.
  • Dust with some old soot to discourage slugs and doing so will  also help growth.

I love ferns. To me they bring a touch of ‘old world‘ to a garden as they simmer in the wind.
If you grow them in pots now is a good time to repot them. Turn the ferns out of the pots and pull away a little of the old soil prior to repotting them in a larger pot. A good compost for ferns is two parts loam, one part leaf mold with a bit of sand added.

February is a really good time to plant rose plants. This is particularly true of soils that are a little bit heavy and badly drained. Choose an open site, dig it to a depth of about two feet and put manure or compost up to fifteen inches below the surface.    

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