Tuesday, 19 March 2013

How to deal with weeds

Think about your garden, your pride and joy.
I do not want to worry you, but lets take a look at one problem that can turn into a nightmare.
You have this lovely patch of ground that is your garden.
Row of beautifully vegetables of various kinds. In-between the rows there is bare ground. This is not good because nature never has bear ground. What will happen is that nature will try to colonize that bit of your garden.
Mother nature see that a place to start a new life form in your garden, because she cannot tolerate empty space. So what happens? Weeds start to grow.
So what do you as the gardener do? Why, you get your hoe out because you know that your hoe is your best friend.
After all this is what it says in the book: the how is the answer to the weed problem.
However, what you do with a hoe is create a new set of problems for your garden:
·      By turning the soil with a hoe, you start off more weed seeds.
·      Turning the soil will disturb the ecology. Your top layer of soil is (in the main) dry and structureless. When you hoe your soil, you put this topsoil underneath, thus widening the band of structureless soil.
·      Your soil is now generally drier and less able to hold moisture.  
·      You now have to water your plants.
·      In addition, structureless soil is unable to feed your plants so well.
·       You now have to buy in and use fertilizers
·      By using the fertilizer, you start to kill the soil biology.
·      Over time, your soil will turn into dead soil.
·      Dead soil lacks the correct balance of nutrients to grow your plants.

Therefore, by using your hoe you have bought the problem of modern day agriculture right into your veg patch!
To find out how to overcome this, take a look at the link below: 

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