Sunday, 11 November 2012

How to take care of your border plants

Nice sunny November day and wondering what to do in the garden? Just take a pair of secateurs to your perennials that have now gone past there best. Numerous plants with structural seed heads will by now, 0f started to fade or collapse due to rain and wind. Many of the taller shrubs may well be rocked by strong winds, which will damage the roots by allowing excessive moisture and frost to get down there. You can prevent this problem now by firming the soil around the base of the plant and reducing the height of deciduous shrubs. This is also a good time to look to your secateurs: get them sharpen and oil up. Secateurs and shears do no last forever…if you need new ones why not put them on your Christmas list; got to be better then another hand knitted woolly jumper from Auntie!

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