Friday, 13 January 2012

Why Add Organic Matter to Your Soil

Why do we think that we know better then “mother Nature”? We seem to spend all our time trying to do better and look for ways to improve the soil when all the time we are spoiling the very ground that is supposed to give us substance.

Nature does not plough or dig; she employs the earthworm and soil bacteria, together with deeply penetrating roots, to do her work.

Nature does not supply water-soluble minerals to the soil; she ensures an automatic and ample application of organic matter, which, in the process of decay, produces organic acids to act upon the soil minerals and so make them capable of absorption by plant roots.

In many cases, we find that the soil in our care has become incapable of providing sufficient good food to sustain the population in health.

Why has this happen it is because the soil has now become what the chemists call ‘deficient’ that is unequal for the task of growing food…so what do they tell us to do add more chemicals.

In doing this, we burdened ourselves with the colossal cost of chemical fertilizers and continue down the road of bad husbandry.

Sick soil can be saved with pectince and care. Stop using chemicals and feed it with organic matter that is a natural sustenance which must be returned to the earth and the problems of so-called soild deficiencies will cease.

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