Monday, 21 November 2011

Compost Activators

2 Types of Compost Activators:

Compost activators are simply anything that will get the composting process started, a bit as a firelight is used to help start the fire. A compost kick-start.

They come in two kinds.

Natural activators

These are materials that the composting bacteria find easy to digest. Providing the little bugs the energy to start on the tougher material.

Natural activators tend to be very poor in make up and high in nitrogen. This is material like comfrey leaves, grass cuttings, poultry manures, dried blood, and urine.

Seaweed is the best natural compost activator because of the alginates it contains is an excellent bacterial food.

Activators from a Packet

This type of activator falls into three different types.

Soluble Nitrogen Fertilisers

This simple chemical fertiliser will give instant nitrogen. Not at all organic.

Bacterial Products

These will give a wide range of selected compost bacteria which appartly supplement and improve on those that occur naturally. A sort of kick-start to start the kick-start.

Herbal Materials

This is a mixture of herbs that help the composting process and enhance the compost.

To have any success as a gardener you must be able to understand the nature of your soil and fully realise the importance of properly making the soil ready to receive your crops.

This means paying attention to the number one priority of feeding your soil with organic material.

Your soil is the storehouse for the plant foods; therefore, no effort must be spared to work to build up your soil with the right material.

Although soils vary very largely in their make up; some are heavy, others light, some rest on clay and others on grave sub-soil all of them can be brought into fertile condition by adequate preparation and compost.

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